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Electronic version of Proceedings and Book

We are currently planning to produce two distinct collections of works based on the talks at the congress. There will be an electronic version of the proceedings, available free of charge to all congress participants, and a book, to be published by World Scientific, similar in style and scope to the book “Competitions for Young Mathematicians” published by Springer after ICME-13 in Hamburg in 2016, which many of you will be familiar with.

Electronic Proceedings

Everyone giving a talk or making some other type of presentation at the congress will be requested to submit a file on their contribution for the electronic proceedings. These files can be in the form of pdfs, docs, power point files or whatever else is felt by the authors to be appropriate. The files will be uploaded to the congress website, and will be available for download there for all congress participants. They will not be accessible to the general public. Furthermore, problem sets generated at the working groups at the congress will be collected and made available in the same way.

Book project

The working title of the planned book as of this writing is:

"Engaging Young Students in Mathematics through Competitions: World Perspectives and Practices -Highlights of the 8th Congress of the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions".

This is not planned as a simple collection of papers, but rather as a readable book for an interested audience. As editor, it is my plan to support the authors of the individual sections, based on their talks at the congress, in turning their contributions into readable authoritative chapters with an introduction and summary. The resulting chapters will be indexed and counted as research papers. A sample outline of how the submissions are to be organized and what elements should be included, as well as a template for the texts, will be offered well in advance of the congress.

The book proposal to World Scientific presents the volume in the following way:

“Selected scientific presentations from the 8th Congress of the World Federation of National Mathematics Competitions 2018 enhanced into readable chapters with a special section containing potential competition problems developed at the working groups of the Congress.

An effort will be made by the volume editor and each contributor to add additional examples to their original conference presentations and to include a topic introduction summary. The editor will create an “about the author” portion at the end of each chapter[i].

A similar collection was successfully published by Springer after ICME-13 in Hamburg in 2016, gathering the best presentations from Topic Study Group 30: Mathematics Competitions[ii], focusing on the field of working with gifted students. Each of the chapters includes original ideas, as well as original mathematical problems and their solutions.

The book is intended as a valuable resource for researchers in mathematics education, secondary and college mathematics teachers around the globe as well as their gifted students. It will be more readable, rather than terse papers. The totality of the chapters included will represent the current state of affairs in research and development in the area of mathematics competitions, both for gifted students and in the area of competitions intended for the wider student population.

The WFNMC is the only international organization collecting researchers, educators and mathematicians from all over the world active both in practical preparation and organization of mathematics competitions and their theoretical underpinnings. More information about this organization is available at www.wfnmc.org.”

[i] Each contributor will also be asked to provide a current photo of themselves for this section.

[ii] Note that the papers there were actually based on Topic Group 30 and a number of talks from related Topic Groups, dealing with work with gifted students.

Conclusion and Summary

As an active congress participant, I hope you will participate in this project. It goes without saying that participation is not a prerequisite for congress participation, but the proceedings and the book will be all the more interesting and informative, the more of us actively participate.


Robert Geretschläger

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