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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I would like to give a presentation.  What should I do?
    The deadline for the proposals of talks is closed, but proposals may still be considered. Please, submit any such proposals to both the Chair of the WFNMC Program Committee Kiril Bankov (kbankov(at)fmi.uni-sofia.bg) and WFNMC President Alexander Soifer (asoifer(at)uccs.edu). Also, poster presentations can be submitted. These can include mathematical content or simply information about specific competitions, relevant new book releases or interesting websites. If you wish to present any such information, please bring paper versions of your presentations to the meeting, and send information in advance to (robert.geretschlaeger(at)brgkepler.at).
  • How long should the abstract of my paper be?
    About 1 page format A4
  • I need a hotel room. Do I have to book it by myself?
    After you have registered through the website, please send me your travel details (arrival and departure times and dates; means of arrival), along with preferences for single or shared accommodation (including names of preferred room-mates, if any) for the duration of the congress. (Recall that 6 nights’ accommodation including all meals and refreshments will cost €468 in double accommodation and €516 in a single room. Room fees will be paid directly to the hotel on arrival by cash, debit card or credit card.) Please send this information to me at


  • How can I register?

    Step 0:

    Click on “REGISTRATION” at the top of the page.

    Step 1:

    A box with “Login” will appear on the right. Click on “Registration” in this box.

    Step 2:

    At the bottom of the page, you will see “Person Type selection”. Click on “I have no UNIGRAZonline login. All required data must be entered.” Then, click on the “Next” button at the bottom right.

    Step 3:

    A form with the header “Registration” will appear. Fill in this form. You can define your own username and your own password. (Do not forget to make a note of these. You will need them at the conference and after the conference to access the uploaded papers and presentations.) When you have completed the form, click on the “Send” button at the bottom right.

    Step 4:

    You are now ready to register. Return to the “Login” box on the top right. Click on “External Persons”. The window will change and you can now input your username and password. When you have done this, click on “Login”.

    Step 5:

    You can now register. The system will tell you what to do from here.


Robert Geretschläger

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